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I HATE FUDA - Morino Ibiki's Jorunal of Torture and Interrogation


Previous Entry I HATE FUDA Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 10:52 pm Next Entry
Miako (aka Sayoko Natsuki) has been very kind to me while I have been staying under her roof….she stabbed me with a knife when I least expected it. She has improved a lot since her leave from the village. Although I still kicked her ass in a fight, got her in an arm lock…..stabbed her with some needles with small amounts of poison and then put her to sleep hahahaha. God I love myself. MWAHAHA

Now getting back to my mission… It is true what they say here about this strange sickness I don’t see very many people walking around this town but there is still a good amount at the restaurant Kajuki. I work there as a ……..COOK table cleaner…….WHAT THE HELL!? AT LEAST I SHOULD BE A COOK! I’m going to kill the poor bastard that gave me this mission KILL THEM. Slow painful death I KNOW WHERE YOU ALL LIVE!

By the way I found a napkin of a drawing of me with a knife in my head. Clearly someone must know who I am and I better be more careful. As well I saw the government official and I figured out where he was going and where his office was. Something isn’t right in this village and it’s really fucked up. OK so I thought the Leaf Village was messed up with those crappy Ninja’s: Kotetsu, Kei, Anko, Kakashi, Ino, Gai, Tenten. …………list could go on forever BUT this village is pledged with a sickness, and there is no cure? I saw some old lady croak over in front of me today. I was kind enough to leave her and walk over her body so that I would not leave dirt on her if I was to say STEP ON HER.

I met some old fortune telling while ….cleaning the restaurant they told me of my future. This for some reason had that BRAT INO IN IT. Yes how did this old bag know of who I was? I wondered then I figured I would kill her or she would blow my cover….but I didn’t need to do that one either because she was the lady that croaked over in front of me. *points to above part*

She left me with this picture.


If that’s Ino in the future – which I highly doubt it is. Then I’ll be very proud of her. Look she has daddy’s sai. Heh. Now go kill someone like mmmm the sound village.

Sayoko showed me around town, told me what she found out and gave me some advice where to search first. So Now I’m off again into the woods as what’s my name!? FUDA HIROSHI “getting some wood for the fire place.” This town reeks of death and for some reason I’m starting to smell and taste the scent of blood in the air – heh. Something’s about to happen and I’ll enjoy it. Oh it looks like I found an unknown cabin in these woods heh lets look inside.
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